Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Give Companies a Virtual Interview


If you've been following this blog, then you'll know that it's unlikely for "The Perfect Job" to fall out of the sky into your lap. There are a million places to look online for job postings. What if you're looking the other way when "The One" appears? (Shades of The Matrix!)

Rather than looking for a job, you might want to seek out a handful of companies you might like to follow online. After all, it's easier to skim 10, even 20 or 30 companies' job boards each week than to sift through 5,734,896 job-board listings--only to find that this huge bucket of "hits" on a keyword is misleading, since you wouldn't even consider 99.9% of them.

But how do you decide which companies or organizations to put on your short list? Here's a list of seven insights you can glean from an organization's public website. In effect, you can take a company on a virtual interview. Add a few informational interviews, smartly-targeted networking, and shake; rinse and repeat.

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