Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Of Careers and Clouds

For those who live online, here's a new approach to job searching: Career Cloud. I was rummaging through my assorted online resources, and stumbled on one of their four tools: the "Hidden Jobs" listings.

Hidden Jobs can point you in the right direction. I've suggested that instead of "applying for jobs" when they are advertised, you research companies, hang out on their websites, and watch for jobs in your niche to pop up. You may end up with a small-ish list of high-profile companies. 

Hidden Jobs announces the possibility of jobs before they are actually listed, by examining business headlines--when a company states it will be expanding its operations, you can bet that company will be hiring new people. It is, of course, up to you to follow through by googling the company and making the contact. 

Another interesting pair of social tools that work with your existing online accounts: Jobs with Friends, and Social Resumes. The first, Jobs with Friends, x-rays your LinkedIn and Facebook contacts by looking at where everyone works--allowing your to ask for a referral, information about a company, or other useful leads. 

The second, Social Resume, pulls information from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and a handful of other platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Tumbler, etc.). The result is mashup of who you are and what's been on your mind (in your feeds) recently. The idea is to assemble all your stuff in one place... Which can work against you if (like the sample Social Resume I happened to click on) your comments run to snarky whining and obscenity over the current state of your job hunt.

Finally, there's a career podcast which has a couple of entries each month on useful topics.

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