Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Best Stuff on the Web

Whether you've just gotten a new computer (or mobile device), or you've had your device for a long time and wondering whether you are missing something--there's a website for that.

The blog Make Use Of is a good first stop for both non-geeks and geeks-in-a-hurry who want to locate "the best" applications for a variety of devices--iOS and Android, Mac and Windows. The link I've supplied today allows you to select your device, and scroll through various kinds of applications, each with its own thumbnail review. 

Of special note for those of us who are cheapskates: many of the offerings are free. Why pay for a program when you can get a freebie that does 99.9% of what you want? 

My favorite find: LibreOffice, a free alternative to Microsoft Word (and the rest of the suite: Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) 

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