Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Don't Apologize for an English Major!

So why in the ever-lovin' bejeezus did you take an English major?

You have nothing to apologize for! Here's an excellent article that explains why English is a smart move for students who want a broad range of possibilities upon graduation--and how they can leverage their passion for literature into a solid set of job offers.

You have the ability to communicate--about anything, not just about Shakespeare. A March 2012 survey reveals that "'oral & written communications’ was the second most popular search term employers used when reviewing resumes for positions designed for recent college grads; 45% of employers search for this term" according to this blog entry.

With the explosion of social media marketing, that means you have what it takes to grow within this growing field.

However, you can't just waltz into a job with your shiny new English degree: "it’s up to the student to take charge and create their own opportunities. This might mean filling up their elective slots with business courses or internships." (Cringe: 50 extra bonus points if you can spot the grammar error in the first sentence... clue--it has to do with noun-pronoun agreement.)

Please note: I was asked to remove a link to an article posted on the website "" because some changes in Google created problems reaching that site. You can still visit that site and search for "English" to find articles related to the value of an English major.

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