Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stand Up, Stand Out, While you're still in College

Here are 10 basic steps to standing out as a job-seeker. What's interesting about these 10 steps is how many of them you can get started on from even your first year of college. And if you are heading out the door for graduation--there is still time to get some of them well underway.

You might choose to pick up a language, or learn an additional skill-set. Even if you don't have room on your curriculum card for formal classes in Spanish or computer programming, you can still find clubs and interest groups where you can get some basics.

Socializing, networking, and promoting yourself are easier in college too, because you have a built-in community surrounding and supporting you.

And since you're in Niagara University, a Vincentian institution which promotes service learning, it's easy to locate volunteer opportunities that will let you shine in an area you are passionate about--whether it's addressing concerns about hunger, interning in a social-media related field, or some other interest.

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