Monday, March 25, 2013

Freelancers Band Together

With fewer fulltime jobs available in the U.S., more workers than ever are finding that to keep a roof over their heads and a tofu roll in the oven, they must work freelance.

Freelance work can feel liberating--you set your own schedule, and you can turn down jobs you don't like. But it can also feel scary--you're on your own for health insurance, tax issues, fair working conditions. (You don't have to be paid minimum wage if you're doing the work at a flat rate for the project.)

There's a group called Freelancers Union set up as a response and resource to the need for knowledge, networking, ratings, and all-around mutual support. It crossed my path in the Sunday New York Times article I've linked below. 

It's worth a look-see, even if you are not planning to work as a freelancer. You may want to think about it; or you may find yourself freelancing by default; or you may find yourself supervising freelance workers.

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