Friday, March 1, 2013

It Pays to Think Nonprofit

According to the Harvard Business Review, nonprofits are having a difficult time attracting talent. No, they're not describing a shortage of unpaid volunteers and interns--rather, they're describing a shortage in managers and executives in permanent, well-paying positions. 

The HBR references a pretty serious study from 2005, pointing out the reasons for this shortfall in talent. You can see the broad overview here, and you can find a link to download the whole report:]

There have undoubtedly been changes since the 2005 study. However, that HBR is writing about it suggests the problem remains. Paid leadership in nonprofits is hard to find. The HBR report is geared toward the existing leadership in nonprofits--not to job-hunters. But I'm sure you can reverse-engineer the insights. 

There are jobs to be had, if you are interested in this sector. As a Niagara University student, your service learning experience gives you a serious leg up on the competition. 

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