Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Business Cards: How to Use

Yes! A business card can offer you a chance to make an impression as a professional who knows the unspoken rules of the business world.

The first link above gives some basics on how to receive others' business cards. Japanese business etiquette isn't necessarily the same as American, but there is a valuable concept embedded there: see the card as the extension of the person. Treat it with respect.

The second link offers a snappy idea for business cards: include a Q code on your card. Your recipient can use a mobile device to view the code, which then automatically opens a browser window with your chosen "landing site." This may be your homepage, a video resume, or another online way that you have set yourself apart from the crowd.

The third link puts business card use into a broader context, the "networking conference." This is a broad, general term that could refer to job fairs, professional conferences (academics have these all the time), or events organized by local groups in your community.

For some extra help, type "business card" into the search box on my blog to see previous articles on where to get cards, and how to use them.

Remember, business cards are not only for those who have a job; they are symbolic slips of cardboard that can help you get a job, too!

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