Monday, November 19, 2012

You (FORD), Me, We

As you head out to Thanksgiving break, perhaps you'll find some serendipity in your path--people you can talk with about your job and career goals. Or maybe soon you'll attend an officially-labeled "networking event" (like the one from November 1 listed here: You'll probably see a handful of these every year at NU.

But what's next? Once you've gotten the moxie to approach someone, what do you say?

Here's a roadmap for making small-talk. 

  • You: First, ask about the other person--"you." If you're shy or tend to freeze up, use the acronym "Ford"--family, occupation, recreation, dreams.
  • Me: Next, talk about yourself, or respond to comments with similar information from your own perspective and life-goals.
  • We: Finally, locate common ground, areas you both enjoy, or are interested in.
The example I've linked to offers a sample scenario from a formal networking event, but you can adapt easily to other situations.

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