Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Visual Resume Service

The blog Hack College has taken note of a new web service for students graduating from college, looking for a creative edge in the hard work of getting a job after graduation. It's called Tyba; their main page is here:

If you're going to get googled (and you probably are) when you apply for a job and make it past the first cut, having a landing page that says something positive about you is a good idea. After all, you don't want the only or highest google results for your name to be Facebook tags of your (ahem!) indiscreet photographs, do you?

Tyba looks like a slick place to build a landing page; images, themes, even the possibility of short videos embedded. The four sample landing pages seemed well-designed, with intuitive and professional-looking, moving graphics.

You cannot and should not rely on people randomly finding such websites which promote your skills; clearly, you have to drive visitors to a page showcasing your talents and personality. So don't abandon your elevator pitch, your keyword loaded resume for ATS systems, or your face-to-face networking.

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