Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another Social Job-Search Website

Here's another new website which says it's different than the rest: Revl. According to the above link (which reviews the new resource), Revl is "designed to give recent college graduates a leg-up in finding employment within their intended career."

I did go to Revl, and found I could set up an account by logging in with my LinkedIn account. It seems to have a snappy, attractive interface. I'm not entirely certain what makes it different from LinkedIn, since it seems to have imported my LinkedIn information as a base from which I could start revising.

The reviewer also says that Revl was launched because "LinkedIn and similar sites tend to skew towards an older audience, with 79% of its users reportedly aged 35 or older, leaving the younger members of LinkedIn often on the sidelines when competing with seasoned professionals."

If you agree--if you've found LinkedIn to be daunting, or not as appealing because of generational factors--you might want to check out this new resource.

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