Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where's the Love?! HELP!

Hi folks. Earlier this month, I posted a "Good Karma Opportunity" on my blog, and emailed to all English and English-Education students. Here's the original posting:

I'm asking all English and English-Education majors to take a survey--no money involved, no sweat, no hardship.

I heard back from Ms. Kuntz -- the response rate has been disappointingly low. Without your help, her research project has some serious difficulties. Here's what she has written:

  • Thank you so much for sending out my survey to your students. I unfortunately only got one student to fill out the survey. Therefore to make the survey more appealing to students, now if they fill out the survey they have a chance to win a Tim Horton's gift card. The student who filled out the survey can retake it and enter to win the card. If you could please resend out the link to my survey: and stress that they could win a gift card and that the survey about mental health takes less than 20 mins to fill out. 
Please? Let's show our English Department Spirit! Thank you!! 

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