Monday, November 12, 2012

Blogging for Dollars

Make money in your spare time from your home or dorm room. 

Yes, I know that sounds cheesy. But this is not a gig stuffing envelopes, or calling people to sell them a product that is a piece of junk, or even a picking up after the robo-caller promises to lower the interest rate on credit cards. (These are all examples of scams, of course.)

Rather, it's a list of ten places to find jobs online, including many asking for help drafting or revising online materials, press releases, and so on. The pay rates vary enormously, and the subject matter can by anything from soup to nuts. Some of these listings call for people who can do the work quickly. Some ask for a sample of your writing. Some are on topics that may be too technical, but some are fairly general interest, common sense writing. 

If you are an English major seeking to boost your portfolio of work-related experience, or if you're considering writing for a living, then here's a good starting place to get your feet wet.

As you can find quickly from checking out links, the author of the post to which I have linked above, Tom Ewer, has a book available (which appears to be self-published); and he's got a blog on his own project at developing his freelance writing into a fulltime living. Of course, he's got experience, and he's got recommendations and more visibility than someone just starting out. But he seems to be well on his way to a sustainable source of income!

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