Friday, November 16, 2012

Selling Your Community Service

If you go to Niagara University, you go to a special place--you already know that. One of the things built into NU is community service: recognizing that you have skills and talents that can serve others.

Here's part of our mission statement, from "Our Inspiration" at
  • Niagara University strives to develop leaders who will make a difference in their local communities and the larger world. We teach students about the challenges and causes of poverty, and we support service learning activities where our students reach out with compassion to serve people's basic needs.

But did you know you can sell community service as an asset in the job hunt?

Above is a link to an argument that community service "should be required curriculum"--and here, of course, it is. Goes without saying. But this argument can give you some useful material as you write your cover letters and speak with prospective employers, especially when they ask "what makes you special?"

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