Monday, February 20, 2012

Broaden your social media networking

Here is a list of 20 social media websites, with varying professional focii, for your consideration as possible places to hang out and network. Some are recent, and all are less high-profile in the general public than services like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+. Some I’ve heard of (vaguely), and some have flown well beyond my radar.

Not all of them will be appropriate for your specific needs and interests, of course. However, the second one looks interesting for those into video (, a place for collaborative editing. And on the homepage of the very last item listed (, I found a list of contests open to aspiring writers. None of the contests seem terribly high stakes (recognition and praise), but perhaps worth your venturing a submission if creativing writing is something you are interested in.

If you win a contest, or end up with a really interesting collaborative video, worth a quirky or interesting line on your resume! (One of those tidbits that just begs a potential employer at an interview to ask, “Tell me more!”--and if you don’t get asked, still indicates a willingness to branch out, take risks, and be a generally well-rounded, interesting, innovative person to work with.) And of course, if you become engaged in discussions and collaborations on these sites, you might find that someone has a friend who has a cousin who knows someone in the industry, who has a hot tip on a job... It can happen!

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