Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Request Letter Chutzpah
On November 29, 2011, I published a post in this blog titled “meet with anyone by sending email,” with a link to Boston College’s equivalent to our own NU Career Development Center.
Today’s link has a similar mindset. You need and want to do informational interviews. But how can you possibly approach someone who doesn’t know you (or knows you only distantly, or might have forgotten you)?
Here is a list of templates for all kinds of situations, waiting for you to improvise with your own specific details. It may feel like an awfully intimidating prospect—after all you’re majoring English, not selling Ponzi scheme investments. Still, these templates have language that is respectful, to-the-point, and clearly states the writer’s objective.
Worth a try! Why not do an informational interview over spring break?

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