Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writing Assignment: Elevator Pitch

This article invites you to “
Imagine yourself sharing an elevator ride in your office building with a respected CEO;  meeting a Publisher at a networking event; or on a plane next to the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox.”

What do you say? Do you go red in the face and stammer “hire me!” and then fall silent? Yeah—I probably would too. Age 56 and I still get tongue-tied.

Even if you never use it, here is a solid suggestion: write your 30-second “elevator speech” in advance. Practice. Revise. Practice. Practice again until you can rattle it off in your sleep.

Why? You’ve probably know from studying for exams that if you’ve rehearsed information over and over, it “sticks” in your mind. Even when you feel like you’re going to draw a blank, those words and phrases come back to you—one leads to the next, and the next.

Try putting a little time into crafting your pitch now, so that when opportunity knocks at the oddest moments, you can seize the day.

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