Monday, February 13, 2012

Tweet your stuff!

This article is a very useful resource for job-seekers interested in using Twitter. Yes, I knew about finding people in your industry, or in your target companies, to follow. Yes, I knew that Twitter was useful in cultivating your network.

But I did not know about these specific hashtags in circulation!

Also a good piece of advice: since Twitter is limited to 140 characters, you can't easily offer links to websites with looooong names, where you might store your uploaded resume, an online portfolio, or the like. Advice in this article suggests you accompany your tweet with a "tiny URL linking to your resume." 

You can generate shortened "alias" URL names by going to sites like "tiny url" or "" or "bitly" (these are google-able terms). If you want an article with more depth on services like this, try clicking here. Bottom line is they are free, and very, very easy to use.

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