Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No-no words!

Great article from the end of 2011 listing the top ten "used to death" words in resumes. It's not that these words (or any words) are bad in and of themselves. 

But when everyone claims to be a "creative professional with extensive, effective organizational experience, with motivation and innovation shown by a dynamic track record of problem solving using communication skills...."

Well--who are you? What sets you apart from the crowd? You might be that person described above--but I doubt it. It's gloppy gobble-de-guck which means absolutely nothing.

Find new ways to describe what you do well--in your resume, your cover letter, and your well-rehearsed elevator speech. Take a risk using a new turn of phrase. Use a bit of well-positioned slang (if it zings, and is not surrounded by a lot more slang).

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