Monday, October 27, 2014

Easy Networking Trick: Email.

Here's a great way to reclaim underutilized (virtual) real estate: your email's signature block. All email programs allow you to customize your signature block. You can set up a standard sign-off for all emails, or select from a few you've created.

If you are (or will shortly be) looking for a job, why not gussy up the space immediately below your "Sincerely, Jane Doe" closing to add a professional-looking block of information? There are some good suggestions in the blog I've linked to--your full name as it appears on LinkedIn; an embedded link to additional resources; even a statement of the industry or type of job you're seeking.

I would add a caveat to this blog's advice, though. Your sign-off block can quickly become cluttered. If you have a few volleys of email back and forth, and you keep the papertrail of previous emails to which you're responding, you could end up with clutter because:

  • Your address block will be repeated over, and over, and over
  • A copy of your photo or avatar will be attached over, and over, and over

And keep in mind that not everybody prefers or can access html (which gives you "pretty" formatting). Without html, your message appears in monospace type, like this sentence. 

You can, however, offer your name, title, and then a shortened website address, connected to your "landing page." A landing page is a website where you can supply alternate emails, phones, text, fax, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social platforms you're involved in. You can make one free through Google and other venues, or pay a nominal fee for one.

Thanks and a tip o' the Twitter hat for the link, to @jtodonnell, where I first saw this item mentioned.

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