Monday, October 20, 2014

Stalking the Wily Job Opening with Research

Job-hunters are told they should research companies they want to work at. But what does that mean?

Here’s a quartet of articles that provides tips for pre-interview information-gathering:
  • What kinds of information you need, and what’s less important;
  • Where to look for this information;
  • What to do with the information once you get it, and blunders to avoid in using it.


But since today’s market is so competitive, you’ve probably figured out that waiting until after you get the interview to do any research might not be such a good idea.

Instead, think about setting up a separate folder for each job you apply to, using your computer’s desktop or your web-browser (or even a real, paper folder if that’s your style). Or, use one of the internet clipping services like Instapaper, Evernote, OneNote or others—the ability to review information on your phone or tablet could come in handy.

Look up the basics of the employer before you apply so you can fine-tune your pitch about why you would be a great employee. Then, if the employer shows interest, you can add to that information to prepare for the interview.

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