Friday, October 3, 2014

Job Hunting? There’s an App for That!

So, with your phone you can
  • pay for your latte,
  • find at date for Saturday night,
  • Skype your friends across the country,
  • track your finances and pay your bills…

...among other things! (I am still waiting for a phone that will actually make my coffee for me in the morning, and wash up afterward.)

Why not find a job with your phone? Here’s a blog post on what might be the future of job-hunting via smart-phone:

Notice that you don’t just download an app and get a job; you still need to network, interview, and all that other dull stuff. And many of the jobs listed on these services cluster in the tech industry. And there’s no guarantee these apps will be around in the next couple of years—after all, they are startups: new and shiny, but not yet well known.

Still, it’s tantalizing to think that LinkedIn is being presented (relatively speaking) as a sort of dinosaur by comparison!

Since the links are a little hard to see in the original blog posting, here they are again:

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