Monday, May 21, 2012

Stalking Your Way to a Job

Okay, the title sounds rather creepy: stalking. If you prefer, think of it as networking!

You need to decide where you want to work, and ingratiate yourself with people at that company. Using your choice of social media (that’s media, plural), engage with the interests and concerns of people who work at that company.

In fact, rather than waiting for your ideal job at your ideal company to come along—some coaches suggest focusing on the company alone. Get a job, any job at that company, and work your heart out doing it well. You’ll have access to internal postings on jobs you’d really prefer, you’ll have networks within the company, and you’ll have a proven track record.

Likewise, get a 360 view of the company by rummaging around on the internet for comments, good and bad, about the organization. There are bound to be a few negative comments out there; but if you find a preponderance of horrible stuff, think twice about setting your heart and your sights on working for that company.

Along the lines of the above, realize that companies in a position to hire may not be quick to tell you the down sides of working for them. Here’s a guide to reading between the lines. You know how when an ad for an apartment says “cozy,” it means the presence of three friends will have one of you sitting in the hallway? Well—job ads come with similar “red flag” language.

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