Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Internship leads

Twenty top companies hiring interns... that's right, hiring. Here is a list of paid internships, with some really eye-popping salary numbers cited--a handful north of $5,000 a month for software programmers. Maybe that's not your skill-set, but still respectable for things English majors can do.

Internships are not just for people who are currently students--more people are signing up for internships who have the degree in hand, sometimes doing a sequence of internships.

As this Sunday New York Times business section reports, there are sharks out there among the sheep--companies that seem to be substituting the word "internship" for what might politely be called "unpaid go-fer-ship." (Go fer coffee, go fer dry-cleaning pickup, go fer babysitting my kids... be on call 24/7, literally.) Some companies have been (successfully) sued for abusing the system.

On the "up" side, internships can help you develop a network in the industry of your choice; give you a solid line on your resume showing experience and references; allow you to test-drive a career choice before committing to it completely; and sometimes even result in an offer of fulltime, permanent employment.

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