Monday, May 7, 2012

Young & Jobless? Maybe there’s Strength in Numbers

This article in Sunday’s New York Times Business section is ricocheting around the blogosphere. Titled “The Jobless Young Find their Voice,” its main premise is probably not something you don’t already know. Unemployment and frustration among new college graduates is running high. Duh. And there's lots of debt from college. Again: duh.

The article does, however, have a number of useful-looking links. First, you can visit either “The Campaign for Young America” or “Fix Young America.” Both (says the Times article) are aimed at organizing young people, promoting their concerns, and finding solutions. I’m not vouching for either one, but they look like they are worth your further exploration.

"Campaign," in particular, has a well-stocked “resources” tab toward the top right side of the page. Three of the four links (help finding a job; more info about the job market; debt toolkit) offer useful material. For instance, clicking on “help finding a job” led me to (who knew?!) Goodwill Industries, which is holding a (who knew?!) virtual job fair May 7-10. I tried out the link; a bit clunky, sort of a Second Life without the flying. I can’t tell you if it’s a timewaster or a goldmine—could be either.

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