Saturday, May 12, 2012

Basic Financial Literacy

We do a lot of talking in college about literacy--reading literacy, teaching literacy to others, computer literacy. But we don't do a terrific job about promoting financial literacy. I'm not advocating that college professors should be sitting down with each student or advisee and teaching "how to balance a checkbook." In some cases, the student might know more than the professor.

However, for anyone finishing up one leg of his or her education (whether that means high school or college) here is a great collection of basic articles on how to keep head above water--and how to actually enjoy swimming in that water.

TIAA CREF is the organization that handles my retirement account. I trust them... not because they are handle retirement for educators, but because my mother checked them out and gave them a thumbs up. (She plays the stock market. And wins. And won't teach me how because her "system" is intuitive.)

There are some good links on the right side of the page too, with video seminars supplementing some of the topics. I had to sign in to get access -- but I signed in with my gmail account, and said I was not affiliated with any institution. That tells me that access is free and open, although they do want to know who's watching their seminars.

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