Friday, November 21, 2014

Handy Toolkit of Scripts

You're an English major, which means you're especially good at writing and speaking.

But that doesn't mean that some writing tasks don't make you squirm more than others. After all, writing lit analysis papers is a very different genre from any of these:

  1. Announcing you are quitting your job
  2. Turning down a project assignment
  3. Complaining about a co-worker
  4. Admitting mistakes to customers
  5. Asking your network for help with the job search

Fortunately, Career Addict has assembled what they call "scripts" for each issue: approaches, language, rhetoric for handling the tricky emotional demands and landmines of each issue, either verbally or in writing.

While I hope you never have to do any of the first four on this list--you might want to make #5 your Thanksgiving Break project!

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