Thursday, November 13, 2014

Contest! $200 top prize!

Norton publishing, the folks who publish our American and British anthologies, are holding a contest open to high school and college students. Full details on the attached flyer; briefly:
  • Who: High school and college students
  • What: Video yourself reciting one of the four poems mentioned, in 5 minutes or less
  • Where: Send to (a link, such as one to YouTube)
  • When: Send between Feb. 2, 2015 and Mar. 23, 2015
  • Why: Because you love poetry and money!
  • Email for more info:
  • Social: Facebook & Twitter, @nortonanthology
PS: I love Norton because they are the only employee-owned major textbook publishing company (, and because they don't go crazy issuing "new! improved! more expensive!" editions of their books to keep students shoveling money into their maw.

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