Monday, November 17, 2014

10 Ways to Find Jobs

Job Support 4 U is a great site out of Great Britain, with a well-organized set of offerings in its navigation bar on the left. Of particular interest to those who feel overwhelmed is the "Job Search Methods" section, breaking your strategies down to 10 categories useful for us U.S. folks:

  1. Cold Calling
  2. Speculative Letters/emails
  3. Internet
  4. Visit Employers
  5. Job Fairs
  6. Friends and Family
  7. Networking
  8. Job Centres (I think this is a G.B. thing, but highly applicable to Niagara University's Career Center, -- and unlike public organizations, this one really cares about getting you a job!)
  9. Work Programme (Definitely a G.B. thing)
  10. Newspapers (meh)
  11. Agencies (meh)
Also useful: the "Recommended Sources & Websites" section, many of which offer resources useful to those of us across the pond.

Thanks and a tip o' the Twitter hat to @JobSupport4U!

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