Thursday, April 26, 2012

Advice from Old People

Advice from your future self... or from Dirty Harry!
If your future self could send you a message in a bottle, what would that message say? Here’s a clip from someone 43 years old (eek! your parents’ age!) that I would certainly have been willing to send my 20-something year-old self. It’s a good read-through and comparison checklist. And no, I’m not claiming that I’ve got all these 43 lessons “down pat.” In fact, I could stand to work on some of these myself.

What do these have to do with job-seeking and career building? Nothing... and everything.  Because “getting a job” is not the be-all and end-all of your college career, or of your life. It’s a part of that life, and something that seems to loom large when you don’t have it all together yet. Having a job makes other things possible—things like paying bills, having certain kinds of fun, and providing you a comfortable enough life to figure out what your purpose in life is. But the job itself isn’t the purpose—only a stepping-stone to the purpose. The job, or the career, should abide by the values in these 43 lessons just as much as the rest of your life should.
Actually, this link contains advice not from the movie character Dirty Harry, but from Clint Eastwood. It’s stuff that was old when he heard it—and probably sounds old to you, coming from a guy who will celebrate his 82nd birthday in a month. But the site where I found this post points out that the advice is still circulating as fresh news for job-seekers and career-builders. And hey, the site is worth visiting if for no other reason than to see the “classic movie lines” video clip embedded at the bottom... from back when Eastwood had hair! 

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