Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What social media jobs are hot?

What kinds of jobs are out there for Social Media? Companies and organizations have caught up with the revolution sparked (or perhaps more modestly, made visible by) Facebook. They understand that in order to compete for business, and for support, they need to have a media presence.

But many companies are run by people well over their 20s—into their 30s, 40s, 50s or even beyond. How well do your grandparents understand social media? Yep—I thought so. Not much. Granny has a Facebook page where she keeps in touch with her grandkids. Gramps actually has an iPad but has yet to get the hang of more than a few apps; mostly its his glorified Kindle.

Now you understand why people of that generation are looking for people like your generation, English majors, who can help them establish and nurture an online clientele. It’s less about technical expertise, and more about knowing the memes, the netiquette, the subtleties of the web.

This article has a description of job titles (or at least, broad categories), what each kind of job does, and how much you can expect to make doing that job. Each of the job titles is also a clickable link, which will bring you to a somewhat more in-depth discussion of what, how much, and the steps you can take to become the proud owner of the title.

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