Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Free e-books


Free for the asking, either online or to download to your computer or iPod/iPad/other tablet — pdf copies of the following titles. Click to download; you don’t have to supply your email address or sign up for anything.

Insider's Guide to Networking
Networking for introverts, tips on what NOT to do when networking, using the Internet for interviewing and strategies for maintaining an active network.

Insider's Guide to Interviewing
Interview planning, taking control of the interview situation, advice on closing, salary negotiation.

Insider's Guide to Resume Writing
Your branded value proposition, telling stories and contextualizing them, common mistakes on resumes

Insider's Guide to Job Search
A broad overview: key words and concepts (which employers may know and expect you to be able to speak about); how to check out companies beyond simple Google searches; how to overcome (or at least manage) your fears about job-hunting; personal branding; and strategies designed for executive job-hunters that will make you seem cool and sophisticated.

Lots and lots and lots of stuff. Maybe too much stuff—certainly more than you can put into action in a day! However, the value of such a large compendium of materials (some 60 pages per book) is that you can browse and get ideas for your job-hunt strategies. You can prime the pump, discover new strategies for your repetoire, and generally brush up on what others are out there doing—so they don’t beat you to it.

As always, if you’re feeling truly lost, Niagara University’s Career Center is the one-stop, personally-tailored, friendly resource that you’ve already paid for with your tuition dollars. If you have not yet stopped by this year (this semester, this month, this week...), you owe it to yourself and your career to make these terrific folks your best friends!

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