Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer Slacking

Summer plans. Ah, the vast empty space on the calendar. Okay—I know most of you will be working, possibly taking a class or two. But still, when the sun stays out until after 9 p.m., time seems to stretch to infinity... and the before you know it, you’re staring at the end of August and school starting up again.

I really like this article. In a word, it suggests pacing yourself. As in, it’s easy to procrastinate the summer away because you have so much time that seems like it will be available forever. And  you do need (deserve) some down-time away from cranky professors and stuff you may not enjoy until you look back on it through the haze of time 20 years from now.

So: set some modest goals. Write them down. Tell a few friends, maybe make a pact. Some of your modest goals might include visiting the Career Center here at NU, once or maybe even twice. (You can even use their extensive online resources if you’re not physically in the vicinity.) Or starting your LinkedIn profile activity. Or writing a blog so you can show off your “personal brand” (that is, develop a portfolio of stuff that prospective employers might find the tipping point to where they want to hire you, over all other candidates).

It doesn’t matter what goals you set—as long as you set a modest handful.

Summer is almost here!

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