Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bite-sized job hunting advice

The folks at Making Good (who have a vibrant Facebook presence here: have a wonderfully direct question for you:

Where are you at in your job search? Here’s the link:

You get nine simple, colorful tiles to click on, with these headings:
  • Starting
  • Finding my Purpose
  • Overwhelmed
  • Learning New Skills
  • Networking
  • Stuck
  • Applying for Jobs
  • Interviewing
  • Happy

Each tile takes you to smaller steps you can take to advance your job search. Each step gives you a bite-sized strategy or task you can complete. Some have links to other resources; some have templates for emails you can send to accomplish the goals described in the step; all have a brief discussion of what to do, and why it’s worth doing.

For example, under networking you get:
  • Step 28: Map a network (and what that means).
  • Step 29: Practice 4 different ways of introducing yourself.
  • Step 30: Choose 3 events to attend.
  • Step 31: Find your future boss.
  • Step 32: List 20 people who are rethinking your industry.
  • Step 33: Make a company list.

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