Monday, February 9, 2015

Where to get an English Graduate Degree?

So you want to get a job teaching English at a college or university. Does it matter where you get your credentials?

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

Today's link is to a great article that puts in cold, hard words and numbers information that has been one of the best known "dirty little secrets" of academia. It matters where you do your Ph.D. The better the school from which you earn your Ph.D., the better the school that will be willing to hire you. And logically, the better your credentials, the greater the number of schools willing to consider hiring you. In a lousy job market, that's a serious consideration.

In order to figure out which are the "top tier" schools:

  • Visit
  • Toward the top right side of the page, select a school from the drop-down menu. (Bizarrely enough, "English" is filed under "social sciences"--which tells you that U.S. News is both full of beans, and highly influential.)
  • Click "go."
  • Click on the words "program rank" twice--to get the page to sort English Ph.D.-granting schools with the best ones at the top.

If you've done these steps correctly, you should see University of California Berkeley at the top of the list. You can, if you wish, further refine your area of specialization using tools on the left side of the page.

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