Monday, February 16, 2015

Bragging Specifically

Today, a couple of articles that seem unrelated: interviews and cover letters. Don't you write the latter to get the former?

But both need attention to a key strategy: bragging specifically.

You're looking for a job; so are a gazillion other people. And perhaps they are very similar to you. Or perhaps they are even a little better than you. The one thing that will make you stand out of the herd is the ability to quantify your successes:

  • Saved my former employer $2,000 (not "saved my employer some money")
  • Decreased volunteer turnover by 30% (not "got more volunteers to stick around")
  • Managing editor for on-campus newsletter with one issue per semester, 10 pages, 3 years running (rather than "contributed to newsletter")
Bring particulars to your interview and your letter of application to show a prospective employer what you can do for the organization where you want to work.

Thanks and a tip 'o the Twitter hat @BeyondJobs!

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