Friday, May 10, 2013

Twitter as Job Board

What a surprise--Twitter is one of the locations employers are turning to when they have an opening for an employee. 

Or maybe it's not a surprise. Twitter posts are free--compared to hefty payments to big-name job boards, where their openings will get buried among many other openings. Twitter posts can be seen by those in the poster's network--so it offers some networking referral potential. ("Gee, I saw that you're looking for an intern to do some editing and copywriting; I happen to know someone who would be perfect for that job...")

And Twitter posts are immediate. No waiting. (That also means for you, job-searcher: caveat emptor. As with any job search, let the buyer beware; do your due diligence to make sure the job is legit.)

There is a handful of links at the bottom of the Career Enlightenment article. Two independent websites; one tweet-stream to follow; one link that I couldn't figure out how to use; and one offer of a free e-book if you submit your email and nominal information. There should be at least one resource in that sequence you find comfortable to use.

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