Friday, May 3, 2013

Resume: One Page Plus

"The lower you are on the rung, the more competition. And that means the more résumés hiring managers have to read just to make one choice. They will LOVE you for making that job easier."

The original question on the blog entry linked above was "should I include X on my resume?" The job-seeker posing the question was working at a stop-gap job that had nothing to do with her aspirations and current search. 

Likely many college students looking for their First Big Break at a Real Job will have a string of (more or less) irrelevant jobs that they could mention. Should they? Yes, if they make sense in some way you can articulate (in your cover letter). No, if they clutter up your resume, push it beyond a single page, and show nothing more than mere gainful employment.

Another solid insight here: your LinkedIn resume and profile don't give you the option to customize beyond a single page. Hiring managers do not want to read page after page--in fact, they won't. They'll pick up your resume, skim the first few lines. But there is nothing that says you can't link to another resource online elsewhere. Suggestion supplied in the above-linked blog-post to an online free resource, Visual CV. 

(CV stands for "curriculum vitae"--the facts about your professional life. Resume means an overview, a short & sweet summary.)

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