Thursday, August 23, 2012

Peace Corps: Alternative to Job-Hunt?

The Insider's Guide to Peace Corps: What to Know Before you Go, 2nd edition. The above link is to Kevin Kelly's "Cool Tools" website, a thoughtfully curated list of the best solution to a panoply of concerns, problems, and stuff you never thought you needed until you see it posted here.

The economy stinks. Niagara University students self-select, to some extent, for altruism, drawn by the emphasis on service promoted under the Vincentian mission, and motivated by both religious and non-religious feelings. Put those two things together, and it's at least a possibility some of newly-minted graduates may want to consider the Peace Corps as an alternative to a job.

If Kelly recommends both the book and the experience ("The Peace Corp is really the ultimate education experience for a life in a connected world"), then both are worth taking seriously.

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