Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don't Get a Master's Degree

If you're contemplating getting a master's degree just because...
  1. You haven't gotten a job yet, and think your prospects might improve with a bigger and badder degree.
  2. You've heard of this cool new master's degree program that allows you to do really weird, fun stuff you never had a chance to do because of all those philosophy and math requirements in your undergrad degree.
  3. School felt good, and now that it's over you miss it.
Stop and think.

The item linked for today does list a few good reasons to pursue more education after your bachelor's, but the ones I've listed above are none of them. 
  1. You may appear overqualified to a prospective employer, and you won't have anything more to list under the "experience" heading of your resume because grad school is going to be far more work than undergrad.
  2. Colleges and universities are hurting for money, and one way they're making the rent is by slapping together funky, fluffy master's degrees that seem like loads of fun and intellectual stimulation, but don't put a single dollar of your borrowed tuition money back in your pocket.
  3. Grow up. Sorry to be that blunt, but every grad program has its lore of the students who didn't make, dropped out, and now live on the streets.

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