Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Networking x4

Networking! Today’s links are all about how to do it, and why. Remember, Niagara University offers you an opportunity to build your skills, whether you are currently looking for a job or not, at the “Facebook to Face” event, Monday, March 19, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Vini's 405/406. (See blog post for March 2 for more information.)

How to go to an event, like  NU’s upcoming job fair, and make the best use of the resources there. This site also has some good links to other articles on networking.

Okay, you’ve gotten to the event, and you’re staring at people with glazed eyes. You walk up to one, almost at random. What do you say? Here’s a good primer on how to get the conversation flowing.

So—you’ve showed up at the event, and managed to sound reasonably intelligent. Now you’re sitting by the phone and just waiting for someone to call, out of the blue, and announce you’ve got an interview! Okay—obviously it doesn’t happen like that. Here’s a good overview on when to push, and how not to sound like you’re a psychotic stalker.

How to “do lunch” as a networking opportunity, and what the unspoken rules are. Take your networking to the next level, beyond the cattle calls where everybody shows up and interacts at a frantic pace. Try one-on-one conversation. Perhaps lunch could be combined with an informational interview!

Happy networking! 

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