Monday, March 26, 2012

Deep Networking

Here are two great posts on “deep networking.” That is, you know that networking is important for your job search strategies. Most jobs are not advertised, or at least not visible on the seemingly millions of rocks you might turn over to locate positions for which to apply. Networking can get you access to opportunities, when someone you’ve met has a lightbulb go on over the head
”oh! my company needs X! I just met someone who would be perfect for X!”

The first post is specifically tailored to college students. You’re not out in the “real world” most of the time; so how do you build a network?

The second post is for when you do get to a networking event—those mob-scene cattle calls where people are milling about, putting on brave faces (yes, everyone else really is as nervous as you are), and trying not to look like a collective group of deer in the headlights about to be hit by an oncoming car. 

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