Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Experience Needed...

I'll bet you've never seen "no experience needed" in a job description--at least, for a job that you might want to do, and one that doesn't scream "scam!" at the top of its lungs.

But there's a conundrum here. The bottom line: employers don't always know what they want. If you have the experience they specify, they may well claim you're "overqualified," won't want to work for the salary they're paying, will expect too-quick promotions to something bigger and better. If you don't have the experience, they'll claim they don't have time to teach you, can't afford to take a chance in this economy, and that you didn't follow directions in applying for the job when you didn't meet their criteria.

There are some admonitions for employers here, as well as suggestions for those seeking jobs. There's also a long comet-tail of comments from various perspectives; it seems this blog-post on Harvard Business Review hit a nerve.

One take-away: read between the lines. Don't assume employers always know exactly what they want, or that employers can describe what they want in the highly artificial language of a job description.

A second take-away: create an "employability profile." There's a link describing this strategy in the section of advice addressed to job-seekers.

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