Monday, July 9, 2012

Active Job Hunting

Both of these posts are about being active in ways that count.

It's easy to hide behind a stack of outgoing mail (a bunch of cover letter + resume applications dumped into the mailbox each day), thinking you're doing something important. And while some of the things in these two links can be done from a computer--they are about putting yourself out there.

Network; participate; discuss; put your two cents' worth into discussions. Use your real name online, rather than some quirky screen name.

You will not get direct job offers by offering your insights in online forums, hob-nobbing with people at professional organization functions, or being publicly visible (in person or virtually). However, you will be establishing a footprint, a presence, or (as they call it these days) a brand. When you do apply for a job, you want people to think "hey! I've heard that name (and been favorably impressed)!" Or when there is a job opening, you want them to think "hey! I know someone who might just be interested (and we'll be lucky if he/she is interested)!"

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