Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Is your Interviewer Stupid?


Sometimes, interviewers don't know how to interview. I mean, there is no formal training or certification required to interview candidates, and some people sitting on the other side of the desk may be clueless.

If you get a dud, you might want to consider whether this is an organization you really want to work for. If the interviewer doesn't know how to do his or her job (which after all, is your opportunity to get a first impression of the people you would be working for) perhaps you might consider looking elsewhere. If your interviewer is clueless, what is your boss likely to be?

Another approach, however, is to try to figure out what's behind the question... even ask the interviewer! 

And remember, some interview questions are flat-out illegal. Here's a list of the kinds of things prospective employers may not ask you--as well as information on legal questions (suggesting what they are actually entitled to know, and how you might respond): http://www.gsworkplace.lbl.gov/DocumentArchive/BrownBagLunches/IllegalorInappropriateInterviewQuestions.pdf

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