Sunday, August 3, 2014

Read It? Jobs on Reddit!

The sprawling pre-Facebook social community Reddit has jobs resources. Their blog (link above) posted a page with a collection of resources, including:

  • Getting Employed/Guidance (how to write a resume, find a career, do an internship)
  • Just Jobs (various broad-spectrum job postings)
  • Jobs for Digital Currencies (those that pay in bitcoin, dogecoin, crypto)
  • Dev Jobs (computer developers)
  • Specific fields (no, "English Majors" is not specifically listed, but "Writer" is)
  • Country-wide jobs (global listings by country)
  • Province-wide and State-wide Jobs (Canada, U.S.)
  • City-wide Jobs (yes, "Buffalo" is listed, as well as many major metro areas)
If you check out "jobs" listings, you will probably find those seeking to hire, and those wishing to get a job. Not all jobs are paid (some offer experience only) or fulltime (a number are for freelance work). 
Still--a sizeable chunk of resources. And if you are so inclined, a huge community of people to offer advice, ideas and insights, and occasionally rude comments.

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