Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bring a Granola Bar to your Interview


Who knew? In my best Family Feud announcer voice: "Things you should bring to a job interview?" A granola bar, or other small munchable. 

After all, which would be worse:

  • Your interview is delayed. You sit. And sit. And wait. You finally hear your name called. You stand up--and realize your blood-sugar has tanked, and you're going into the interview worrying you're going to pass out before you even get to the handshake. 
  • You're in the interview. Your prospective employer suggests that you contact her colleague So-and-So. You need to write that name and phone number down--and end up rummaging in your pretty new oversize purse or briefcase, only to realize  you forgot to bring a pen.

Come to think of it... you should also bring a pen to a job interview. One that you've pre-tested to make sure it's not out of ink.

Are there any additional things that could make a poor first impression? Find out with the graphic checklist linked above!

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