Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Website of Your Own


If you're looking for a good summer career-advancement project, consider setting up your very own website. Above are some links to getting started--kinds of things you can include, what to leave out, and so on.

There's advice you'll find here about getting your own domain--paying for a website with your name on it. That's one option. You can also go the totally free route, using Google. If you check out the sidebar on this blog, you'll see that I set up my own website, and gave it an "alias" link that I hope is fairly memorable ("jpljpl," my initials twice, through the free service "tiny url" which you can access at http://tinyurl.com). 

Google's websites are completely free, and limited enough that even I can set one up. The only thing you need is a Google account (email account, which gets you access to things like Google voice, Blogger, the ability to set up alerts when new web information is published, etc.)

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