Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Search for companies, not jobs: Zappos' innovation

Some of the advice on how to innovate in your job search includes the advice: search for companies, not individual jobs. Apparently Zappos, the online shoe (and other stuff) retailer has taken that advice to heart, and flipped the advice to apply to their recruiting efforts.

And an article by someone at Zappos on the philosophy behind it:

And finally, Zappos' own "no jobs" recruiting website:

This approach is making news across the blogosphere (just search the web for "Zappos no jobs" for lots of results). Is it something that other companies will emulate--quietly, or not so quietly? Perhaps. But it does reinforce the advice to job-seekers--not every job out there is distilled into a thumbnail sketch of duties and title which can be posted on job-hunt websites.

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