Sunday, May 4, 2014

Retirement in 16 Pages

Retirement? Bah! Who needs it.

You do. Unless you're planning to drop dead at age 65. Social Security will (says my crystal ball) be long gone by the time you get there. And there's really nothing worse than slaving out your End Of Days in a cubicle, gulping down arthritis meds, and wondering why you thought you were too poor to save for retirement when you were 30.

The Sunday New York Times ran an article about a guy who advises people with $25,000,000 in wealth--giving away a free book for folks who are his grandchildren's generation. The article is here: (There's no paywall you have to get through to read the article; I checked.)

The book is If You Can. It's all of 16 pages, but contains additional reading recommendations. It's free on his website. The NYTimes links to this site: And if you'd rather just start reading the pdf, it's here:

The NY Times says "If I Can is a snappy 7,000-word guide that doubles as a financial-education curriculum, complete with additional reading assignments and a lesson plan."

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